10 Tips to Maintain Good Financial Habits

  With the new year coming up, a new year’s resolution list always pops out. What do you usually write about? What do you usually want to change in yourself? Self care aside, one should always think of new habits that can help oneself in the long run, so how about looking into maintaining good

Top 10 Myths About Getting a Small Business Loan

  Businesses may need to avail of business loans at certain times during its accounting period. This may be for immediate and short-term needs due to cash flow concerns or it can be for additional funding and investment for the business. Whatever your reason may be to avail of a small business loan, here is

Adapting to Coronavirus – Tips from A Small Business Owner

  All businesses have been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It has taken a toll on a lot of businesses that used to thrive to the point of them losing so much money, and worst, closing down due to bankruptcy. To those businesses who are still struggling yet managing to survive this pandemic, here

How Does Credit Score Affect Your Borrowing Power?

  Once you have set up your business, the business starts to build its own credit rating and standing. Both individuals and businesses are very conscientious about their credit scores for the main reason that everything that you would like to acquire in the future depends on it, particularly for personal or business loans and

Create a Small Business Budget in 7 Easy Steps

  As individuals, we create a budget from our earnings and do our best to make that budget work for us in meeting our needs and that of our family. This is to ensure that we will be able to cover our expenditures and be able to save, even just a little, for contingencies and

How to Manage Cash Flow in 7 Easy Ways

  Cash flow keeps businesses alive and as much as you should measure your vital signs, you should keep tabs on your cash flow to see how your business is doing. The numbers that show what goes in and what goes out are critical to your success or failure. If you’ve been winging it all

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