7 Importance of Working Capital For Business Growth

  What is working capital? A working capital is the difference between the current assets and current liabilities of a business. This is a measure that is useful to businesses in order for them to be able to measure the ability to complete their day-to-day operations, which in turn mirrors the business’ financial health.  

How to Build Credit For Your Small Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

  A credit score is a metric of your reputation as a business. Having a good credit score is essential in making business deals and having a good credit score would have multiple benefits such as suppliers giving you more favorable payment terms and lenders giving you better access to credit and capital. A lot

How to Manage Cash Flow in 7 Easy Ways

  Cash flow keeps businesses alive and as much as you should measure your vital signs, you should keep tabs on your cash flow to see how your business is doing. The numbers that show what goes in and what goes out are critical to your success or failure. If you’ve been winging it all

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