Sometimes, motivation is overlooked by companies. But oftentimes, it serves a great purpose to have motivated a team. It’s important to have that extra drive and energy to achieve your goals.

IF you want to elevate your business to the next level, these extra steps might help you achieve that:


1. Set a vision

It is important to set everyone on the right path and setting the right tone towards a purpose. Sharing your vision with your team is a great way of knowing how committed they are to achieving that vision and if they are sharing it with you.


2. Give a voice to everyone

Make it a point to hear everyone out. One of the advantages of having a small team is having the time to listen to everyone. Leading does not necessarily mean giving orders. Hearing each team member’s suggestion or opinion gives them a feeling that they are part of the team and not just there to take it in. And it gives them a greater sense of purpose. When they feel appreciated, it translates to motivation.


3. Create a healthy working atmosphere


7 Ways to Motivate Your Small Business Team


Find the time to ease some of the pressure in the workplace. Working hard is good, but recognize as well, that your team may need a little breather now and then. For instance, you may want to organize a team-building activity or perhaps an unannounced dinner in a nice and cozy restaurant. The state of mind of each member of your team reflects how they do their tasks. Studies have shown that happier employees become more productive workers. It always helps to have a positive workplace.
There will also be times that your team may need certain requests. If those requests are reasonable, make an effort to consider them. Always remember that going the extra mile goes both ways.


4. Take out the bad batch

Do not second guess taking out a member of the team who consistently brings that negative energy with them. That type of energy drains out the lifeblood in a team. It will be wiser, even if that member has good contributions, take him/her out. It’s better to lose one rather than risk losing everyone in your team.


5. Trust and delegation

The delegation, when done properly, does give a good and positive impression to the person you are giving it to. Especially if you’re the type of boss who’s hardworking and meticulous, it says a lot when you delegate as it gives the feeling of trust. And trust can be a big thing for the majority of the employees. When they feel they are being trusted with something that is not normally given, it motivates them to do a better job to impress. Just be careful though not to cause jealousy within the team. Be reminded to treat everyone equally.


6. Reward


7 Ways to Motivate Your Small Business Team


If your entire team has done a great job, don’t forget to reward them for doing so. Perhaps you could reward everyone for a free trip to a resort or something of the same value and effect. Rewarding gives them validation to the things that they are right.


7. Give them time to rest

It’s not all about work. You’ll need to give your employees enough and ample time for rest. Everybody needs rest, as it helps your body and your brains recuperate. You don’t want employees who come to work exhausted. Give them time to refresh by giving them rest days.


Takeaways to these pointers – as effective as they can be, always remember not to stay complacent. Adapt to the changes of times and always take care of your team members, without them your business does not exist.


7 Ways to Motivate Your Small Business Team